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Adults have massive, heavily built concave skulls, which are large in proportion to the body. The forehead is high and rises steeply. The projections ... Read more of the skull are well developed when compared to those of Asian black bears (Ursus thibetanus): the latter have sagittal crests not exceeding more than 19–20% of the total length of the skull, while the former have sagittal crests comprising up to 40–41% of the skull's length. Skull projections are more weakly developed in females than in males. The braincase is relatively small and elongated. There is a great deal of geographical variation in the skull, and presents itself chiefly in dimensions. Grizzlies, for example, tend to have flatter profiles than European and coastal American brown bears. Skull lengths of Russian bears tend to be 31. 5 to 45. 5 centimetres (12. 4 to 17. 9 in) for males, and 27. 5 to 39. 7 centimetres (10. 8 to 15. 6 in) for females. The width of the zygomatic arches in males is 17. 5 to 27. 7 centimetres (6. 9 to 11 in), and 14. 7 to 24. 7 centimetres (5. 8 to 9. 7 in) in females. Brown bears have very strong teeth: the incisors are relatively big and the canine teeth are large, the lower ones being strongly curved. The first three molars of the upper jaw are underdeveloped and single crowned with one root. The second upper molar is smaller than the others, and is usually absent in adults. It is usually lost at an early age, leaving no trace of the alveolus in the jaw. The first three molars of the lower jaw are very weak, and are often lost at an early age. Although they have powerful jaws, brown bear jaws are incapable of breaking large bones with the ease of spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta).

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